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Save Multiple Layouts on Clash Of Clans

Finally, with the new Clash of Clans update you can save multiple layouts through the new layout editor.

That’s right, you heard correctly. Clash of Clans has finally given what every player has been asking for and that is an easier way to copy, save and make multiple layouts on Clash of Clans.

clash of clans multiple save layouts

The new update makes it very easy to edit your layout or make a new layout from scratch and save it. Now you can make different base layouts depending on your strategy including farming, defending or trophy pushing.

When you are designing your new base you can save it and it will be stored in the Layout editor. Within the editor, you can set your active base, edit your current layout or copy an existing layout.

Guys, this is a big break through for Clash of Clans because everyone has been asking for this new feature and it’s finally here. I hope you enjoy these new features that the Clash of Clans Winter update has brought us.

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