Clash of Clans Raids

One of the most common game types on Clash of Clans are the raids. The matter of the fact is, that if you want to climb to the top of the leader boards in Clash of Clans then you will need to raid other players successfully.

clash of clans raids

The way the Clash of Clans raids game type works is that is matches you up with other random offline players that are within your Trophy range.

If you are using a shield to protect your village there will be a pop up telling you that attacking another player will disable your shield. You will then have the option to click “okay” in which will allow you to attack others. However, just don’t forget that your village can now be attacked as well.

Clash Of Clans Raids

There is a small cost to find any enemy to attack and it is all based on your Town Hall level. The higher your Town Hall level is the more it will cost to find an enemy to attack.

The cost is minimal compared to what you would receive if you were to successfully defeat the other player’s village.

When searching for a village to raid, Clash of Clans will show you a list of the Clans and players with the highest trohpy count and will also give you an option to search for Clans as well.

It will also show you and compare you to other players that have earned around the same amount of stars earned in the Single Player Campaign.

At the end of each raid you will be judged on how well you did by receiving either 1, 2 or 3 stars. If you only receive 1 or 2 stars then this means you only completed part of the level and only stole some of the resources.

If you earned 3 stars then it means you completed the entire village raid and stole everything from that player. Congrats, this is what you should aim for every time.

If you receive zero stars then this means you didn’t complete any part of the level and you can’t proceed to the next one. If this is the case, perhaps you need to build up your army or need to change your strategy.

These are the basics for the Clash of Clans raids. If you have any questions please leave a comment at the bottom. Check out our strategy page if you are looking for the best Clash of Clans Strategy Guide.

Clash of Clans Jump Spell Cheats

The Clash of Clans Jump Spell is one of the best spells to use when you are going into battle with another player. The Jump Spell allows you to jump over any walls that are affected by the spell as if they were never there.

clash of clans jump spell

There are different levels of the spell starting with level 1. The level 1 spell allows all troops and heroes to jump walls.

When you upgrade the spell it increases the time the spell lasts while battling your enemy. The level 3 spell lasts twice as long as the level 1 spell so you can see the importance of the upgrade.

Clash Of Clans Jump Spell Cheats

When using the Jump Spell make sure you activate it near walls to make it effective. If you use the Jump Spell when you are not around any walls it won’t be affective and you will have just wasted your spell and Elixir.

The Clash of Clans Jump Spell is more effective on doubled and tripled walls so if possible save your spell for them. You can use your Jump Spell on single walls but then you’re not maximizing it’s potential.

You would think that if you use two Jump Spells in the same area that it would have twice the affect; however, this is not true. It won’t have any more affect than just using one so make sure not to use the two Jump Spells in the same place.

The Jump Spell is best used to create a path so you can get your troops deep into your enemy’s base. Use your Wall Breakers to break the outside walls then push your troops in and use the Jump Spell. This is a great strategy that we use often to defeat our enemy.