New Clash of Clans skeleton Traps

With the new Clash of Clans update you may have seen that there is a new defensive weapon called the Skeleton Trap.

The Skeleton Trap is a cool defensive weapon that will take down enemies both on foot and in air.

clash of clans skeleton trap

To add this new cool defensive item to you village you have to be a level 8 Town Hall. For those that are not a level 8 yet I am sorry but you will have to wait to build this.

The Skeleton Trap will cost you only 6000 gold coins so its not a huge investment for you.

The strength of the Skeleton Trap is that it ambushes and distracts unsuspecting foes with a surprise skirmish of short lived skeleton troops.

The Skeleton troops won’t last long in battle but they are promising to take down and enemy or two by ambushing them.

You can build as many Skeleton Traps as you want. If you build several of them we recommend you to put them close to each other to better your chances of taking down more enemies at one time.

Let us know what you guys think of the new Clash of Clans update and the new Skeleton Traps by leaving a comment below.

Clash Of Clans Halloween Update

Yay, we finally have a Clash of Clans Halloween update to share with you and there are a lot of new tricks and treats to go over.

clash of clans update halloween
Here is a list of all the new features that came with this new Clash of Clans update. There are quite a few of them so just start from the top when you learn about them.

Clash Of Clans Halloween Update

Alright, lets get started with the updates shall we?

A new Skeleton Trap

There is a new permenent trap called the Skeleton Trap that you can use to ambush and distract your enemies with your skeleton troops. The troops won’t last long but they are sure to grab your enemies’ attention.

The Skeleton traps can be used to target both ground troops and air troops. You will have to play around with the traps for a bit to find the right mix for your  own village.

Skeleton Traps are unlocked at Town Hall level 8 and can also be upgraded to deploy more skeletons at once.

Special Treats Through Halloween

For a limited time only the 1-gem Spell Factory boost special is back. You can also harvest some bonus Elixir from special Halloween Headstone obstacles.

Clan Profile and Search Improvements

You can now Specify your Clan’s war frequency in your Clan profile. You can also specify your Clan’s location or declare it as International. That’s not all; however, now you can find other Clans by war frequency, location, member count and minimum clan points all by using the search box.

If you know which Clan you are looking for then you can use hashtag and the name of the clan to find it. Not as important as other features but still helpful is that the Clan descriptions can be longer now.

More League Bonus and More War Loot

Now wether you win or lose in Clan Wars you will get at least 20% more Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir.

You also get to keep more of your war loot even if your Clan doesn’t win the war. Clash of Clans now lets you keep more war loot in your Clan Castle as well and you will receive a bigger League bonus from wining multiplayer battles in all the Leagues.

Improvements to Boost

Now you can boost all buildings by just one click of the button. During maintenance, all Barracks, Spell Factory and Hero boosts will be paused automatically; however, you can resume the boosts for free after the update is over.

Clash of Clans has lowered the boost cost for Elixir Pump level 11, Gold Mine level 11 and Dark Elixir Drill levels 5 & 6.

Miscellaneous Clash of Clans Improvements

There is a new Mortar at Town Hall 8 and now the player profile shows the highest unlocked level of a player’s troops, heroes and spells.

All the Hero icons will now show the Hero ability status in replays. You can now see the Army Camp contents in the Army Camp information screen. The last added feature in this Clash of Clans Update is that the time to remove obstacles has decreased.

Now is a great time to login to your Clash of Clans account and start playing. Clash of Clans will be a lot more fun with all these added features to the game. We will surely be taking care of all the added features.

Maybe we will see you guys playing on Clash of Clans. What do you all think of the new update? Let us know by leaving a comment below.