How To Get Trophies In Clash Of Clans

The main purpose of Clash of Clans is to level up and get trophies so we are going to teach you how to get trophies in Clash of Clans faster.

You can attack your enemies as much as you want but unless you win a battle or hold off your enemies from destroying your own village you will lose just as many trophies.

How To Get Trophies In Clash of Clans

To get trophies, all you have to do is win an attack on a village. To win an attack you just have to destroy 50% of the village. It doesn’t matter if you get one star, two stars or three stars you are still a winner.

That being said, your strategy should be to aim for one star on each battle. That’s what we do, and we have gotten a lot of trophies by focusing on this strategy.

how to get trophies in clash of clans

Instead of sending in your entire army into the hearts of the village to and losing the battle, focus on destroying some of the outer buildings with your army until you destroy 50% of the entire village. Not only will this save your troops but it will save you money on spending on troops and time training your troops.
If the Town Hall is outside the village walls focus on destroying that first because you automatically win when you destroy it.

Finding the Right Opponent

Finding the right opponent to go to battle with is very important if you want to get more trophies. You should look for a village that offers at least 25 trophies and has buildings outside the walls especially a Town Hall. This will make it a lot easier to get more trophies in Clash of Clans faster.

The common strategy to consider is to deploy 4 or 5 Archers and wait until they destroy the buildings. This will let you get more trophies while not having to spend more resources on training them.

One of the best strategies that we do to get a one star victory and more trophies is to use the multi touch feature to deploy a lot of troops in different places simultaneously. Put one finger on the right side of the village and another finger on the left side of the village. Then place half of your Archers and your Barbarians first, then on the other side the rest of your Archers.

Almost every time you should be able to destroy at least 50% of the village earning a lot of trophies for your village.

Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla

The Hidden Tesla is one of the best and unique defensive towers that you can build in your village. The best part about the Hidden Tesla defensive building is that your enemies don’t know whats about to happen to them until its to late.

clash of clans hidden tesla

Clash Of Clans Hidden Tesla

You can unlock the Hidden Tesla when you upgrade your Town Hall to level 7. We say that it is a unique defensive tower because it acts like a hidden spring trap to capture and kill your enemy.

The tower will stay hidden until a ground or air unit come close to it in which it will the tower will spring up and fry your enemy with electricity. How cool is that?
There are 7 different upgrades you can make to the Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla towers. The Tower has a range of 7; however, it only has a trigger range of 6. This means it will only appear when the enemy units come within a 6 tile radius of the tower. If your enemies defeat over 51% of your village the Hidden Tesla towers will also appear as the enemy has the right to destroy the entire village.

A couple other facts about the Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla is that it does double the damage on PEKKAs and will prioritize them over other units in battle. It also does most damage to defensive buildings that can target both ground and air units. One last thing is that it can kill the same level archer in only one hit.

Hidden Tesla Upgrades

Like we said, there are 7 different upgrades you can make to the defensive tower. When you initially build the tower it just one wire coiled on one support side and has a metal conducting rod  pointed in the air. You will notice that on each side there are trapdoors in which the tower can hid underground until the enemies are close to it.

The level 2 and level 3 upgrade will give an additional wire coiled around the support and will gain more metal conductors on it as well. At the level 4 upgrade the tower will get its Tesla coil found at the top. When you upgrade it to level 5 the metal conductor pieces turn a yellowish color while also getting another wire coiled around the support.

The level 6 upgrade you will see that the tower will turn the same yellowish color. The final level 7 upgrade replaces the Tesla coil with horizontal bronze rings. The original wire coils are replaced with thicker coil.

Building The Hidden Tesla Tower For Defense

The main strategy for using the Hidden Tesla tower is to make a surprise attack on your enemies. However, in order to surprise your smarter enemies with this tower you need to place them in the right places. Many people build their village in a way that they use every square up in their village with buildings.

This is not a good idea as your enemies will then see small openings, knowing exactly where your hidden towers are. It would be a good idea for you to leave multiple small openings in your village so the enemies are always guessing where your hidden towers are.

Also, consider building your Tesla tower in a spot where troops can’t be placed as troops can be placed on top of the tower and will destroy it.