What Are Clan Wars In Clash Of Clans

So the Clash of Clans clan wars have been a big hit lately but a lot of people still don’t know what are Clan Wars in the game.

Don’t worry, we are going to help clarify this topic for you. Once you realize what are Clan wars in Clash Of Clans you will want to play all the time.

For a complete overview of the Clash of Clans clan wars click here. We will also cover breifly what it is on this page as well.

What Are Clan Wars In Clash Of Clans

Clan wars is a specific type of game within Clash of Clans. In this game you can either play as a single player and attack other bases or you can join a clan and attack other clans. Clan wars is where you join up with a clan or a team of other players and try to defeat other clans or teams.

Clash of Clans clan wars are broken down into two parts. One being the preparation day and the other being the epic battle attack day. On preparation day you resupply troops and rebuild your clan castle.

One attack day, you attack other bases that are part of the clan you are battling. You can attack twice on battle day and can only attack the same base once.

If your clan wins the war you will get a bonus of loot for the clan castle. Playing in clan wars does not affect any of your shield or trophies that you earned in the single player mode.

Clash Of Clans Clan Wars

The Clash Of Clans clan wars have been a big hit lately so we want to create this page to get you involved of what may be the most exciting part of this game.

There are many different game modes within Clash of Clans but one that is really taking off is the Clash of Clans clan wars.

clash of clans clan wars

Every two days there is an epic battle between clans.  The war is won by the clan that scores the most stars. You earn stars by destroying your competitors base. When you win a war you will earn free bonus loot.

The Clash of Clans clan wars are broken down into two different parts; the preparation day and the epic battle day.

Clash Of Clans Clan Wars

During the preparation day the doors are open for each base to collect troops and to rebuild your base if you need to. These bases will defend for you as you enter into the battle day against another clan.

During battle day, everyone who is eligible to attack can do so twice a day. Clash of Clans will give each person who is participating a recommended base for you to attack. This depends on your own strengths and their defenses.

You may attack any base you wish too though but make sure you put some thought into your strategy.  You; however, are not allowed to attack the same base twice.

Note that Clash of Clans clan wars attacks won’t affect your shield nor your trophies that you have earned from single-player attacks.

For each clan, only the best attacks will count towards your points. So lets say you attacked another base and only got one star but someone else from your clan attacked the same base that day and earned three stars. Clash of Clans will count the three stars towards your points.

At the end of the war, depending on who won, the bonus loot will be delivered to the Clan castle. If you wish, you can view Clan attacks and battle replays after the war is over for a certain period.