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How To Level Up Fast In Clash of Clans

We are going to show everyone how to level up fast in Clash of Clans.

how to level up fast in clash of clans

There are several ways in which you can level up in this game; however, there is one particular way that speeds up the process of leveling up.
Take a look below to get the helpful tips to level up fast in Clash of Clans.

Level Up Fast In Clash of Clans

The first way which everyone knows to level up is to spend your time and resources on upgrading your Town Hall. The more upgrades you make to your town hall the quicker you will level up.
However, it is not always a good thing to level up your town hall right away because you need upgraded defensive towers and walls to protect your town hall and other resources in your village. That being said, you should equally be upgrading your town hall and other buildings in the village.

level up fast in clash of clans

The best way to level up fast in Clash of Clans that know one knows about is to join a clan and add troops to it. When you join a clan you will get a list of everyone who is in the same clam as you. When you scroll down the list of other players you will see some that are asking you to donate troops.

Click on the “donate” button to donate troops to that player. You will have to choose which troops and how many troops you want to send him. Every time you do this you will level up your village some.

This is the fastest way to level up in Clash of Clans but you need to be careful because this is called clan jumping. That means you are jumping from one clan to another a lot and some clan leaders don’t like this so they may boot you out of the clans.

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