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How To Get Clash of Clans Village Back

So many people have been asking us how to get my Clash of Clans village back after they haven’t played for a long time or because they created to many.

Below are the steps you have to take and the necessary information you need in order to get your Clash of Clans village back.

First, Clash of Clans recommends that you only have one village per device and that you attach that village to your own unique Game Center or Google+ account.

Note, that if you do upload more than one village on a single device you risk the chance of losing access to one ore all of your old villages.

Clash of Clans asks that if you have lost your village and you can’t recover it through your Game Center or Google+ account to send them an in-game message. This will assure them that they have all the necessary data to recover your village faster.

Here is what you need to include in the message so that they can locate your lost Clash of Clans village.

– Include the exact village name and clan name of your lost village.

– The town hall level you are currently in, again for your lost village.

-You need to also submit the XP level of your lost village.

For security purposes, Clash of Clans may need to get back to you with further additional questions about your account.

Any device that you may be playing Clash of Clans with that do not support Google+ cannot be used for saving a village’s backup.

It is also impossible to recover your village if you are using a Blackberry, Nokia X-series, Kindle HD, or any other device that is not supported by the game.

Good luck at recovering your lost village and we hope you can not get your Clash of Clans village back!

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