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How To Farm In Clash Of Clans

Here are some simple tricks and trips to learn how to farm in clash of clans. Many of you have been asking how to farm in Clash of Clans so we have decided to put this walkthrough guide together to help you out.

In this game, farming is a way to get resources such as gold and elixr with out having to spend money real money. Many people don’t like spending their real money on this game so we want to show you ways in which you can get free resources by farming. You can first check out the video of a successful farming attack if you want!

You can farm for gold and elixr in your own village by purchasing the right buildings; however, this will only get you so much. Sooner or later your going to have to expand the walls of your village to gather more resources.

Yes, we are talking about stealing resources or farming for gold and elixr by taking it from your enemies.

How To Farm In Clash Of Clans

Before you go farming on other people’s bases you should keep these few tips in mind. First you should know the cost of all your troops that are going to battle for your resources.

You should keep track of what your entire army costs and what 1/3 or what your army costs. This is important so you don’t waste more money on your troops that you lost in battle that were trying for your Elixr. This would defeat the entire purpose of farming in Clash of Clans.

Make a stratgic plan before jumping right into your enemy’s base. Take a look at the base and figure out what your strategy is. How many troops do you want and what kind of troops do you want battling are two imporatant factors to keep in mind.

You should also keep have the lowest amount of trophies possible if you want to farm in Clash of Clans. The less trophies you have the better the chance you will have defeating your enemy’s base. People with less trophies generally have a weaker defense around their base.

The last thing to keep in mind is to have a goal. Do you want to farm for several resources in one village, or just one big resource during each battle. This will change the way your attack each base. The more resources you have the more likely you are going to be attacked by someone as well.


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