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How to Defend Against Hog Riders – Clash of Clans

So one of the most frustrating things in Clash of Clans is when you think you have a great base built up for defending enemies off, and then they come through with like 20 hog riders and just wipe you clean.

Hog Rider - Clash of Clans Central

Hog riders can arguably be called the best troops in the game of Clash of Clans for a few reasons. They Have 270 hit points at level 1 which makes them pretty difficult to kill, they give a minimum of 60 damage per second, and they can jump walls!

As I am sure you have experienced, someone that deploys hog riders with a little strategy, such as the ones you can read about on my strategy guide page, can take out a very well defended base with not much resistance.

So how can you stop them? How can you ensure that these hog riders do not destroy all of your weapons leaving your base defenseless?! Well, before I explain it, watch the video below. This video shows a base made by Azok the Damned whom is in my clan.

In this base, Azok the Damned makes the hog riders follow a path instead of allowing them to jump walls. How does he do this? He places his weapons in a line with traps between each one. Instead of the hog riders jumping over walls to get to another weapon, they simply follow the easy path as any troop would do. The traps then come into play and destroy most of them. The rest really cannot do much because they are so thinned out.

As you can see, this base also defended the enemy against its loot as well. There was close to 400,000 of both Gold and Elixir in which the enemy only got a small fraction of. So if you are looking for a great way to defend against hog riders either in clan wars or in regular battle, this is a great way to do it!

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