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How Good Are Archers – Clash of Clans

I set out to answer a very important question for Clash of Clans about archers. Are they good? Can they win battles alone? As you can see by the video below, to test this out, I attacked a fairly strong base with only archers. I had 205 of them and they are all level 4 archers. So how good did they do? They actually did not do as bad as I thought!

What makes archers a strong troop in Clash of Clans

There are quite a few things that make this troop a great one! First off, their training expense is low at only 300 elixir for a level 6 archer. They also only take 25 seconds to train so if you are trying to attack a ton in one day, this is a great troop to do it with! What I like about the archers is that they attack everything from a distance making them hard to reach by defensive units. This means they can also destroy enemy buildings from behind walls. If you are looking to take a bunch of loot from the outside of the base, the archers are a good troop to use! See below for the archers level progression stats!

Clash of Clans Archers Level Progression

Another great thing about the archers is that they attack both air and ground units! There is nothing they cannot destroy! Although you may need many of them to do much damage. They are a great sacrifice troop as well to find out where bombs, teslas, and spring traps may be hiding.

Weaknesses of Archers in Clash of Clans

Even though, in my opinion, archers are a great troop within the game, there are some downfalls to them. Like barbarians and goblins, splash damage weapons absolutely destroy them. A single wizard tower or mortar can destroy multiple archers at once making it difficult to get beyond the first line of defense. They are also a pretty weak troop. By this I mean they only have a small amount of hit points which allows cannons to archer towers to kill them in one shot depending on the level of the archer and the strength of the weapon.

Archer Levels Clash of Clans

Ultimately archers are a great troop in Clash of Clans. Use them to get the Clan Castle troops out of the enemies Clan Castle and use them to destroy the buildings along the outside of bases. Using archers in conjunction with a troop that can take a lot of damage is a great strategy. Also, if loot is your objective, find a base with a ton of it in its storage units on the outside of the base and let the archers take it all!

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