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Clash Of Clans Winter Update

The Clash of Clans winter update is finally here and its time to tell you all what is new about this fun filled game.

Some of the new additions to the Clash of Clans game are the level 12 Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors at Town Hall 8, the level 7 Giants stomping into Town Hall 10 and the local leaderboards.

Now on the local leaderboards you can compare your clan to others. There are also different layouts in the game as well.

For example, you can save multiple layouts for both your home Village and your War base. You can also easily switch between the layouts easily at any time. Not only that, but now you can make copies of existing layouts or build new ones from scratch.

Some other improvments include being able to watch a live replay of your village being attacked, upgrading Walls with Elixir when upgrading to Wall level 9 and higher, the first Dark Elixir Drill is now available at Town Hall 7, the second Dark Elixir Drill is available at Town Hall 8 and the Dark Elixir Drill maximum capacity has been increased at all levels.

There is much more that was included in this new Clash of Clans Winter Update. Be sure to sign into Clash of Clans to see the entire list of things that went into this update.

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