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Clash Of Clans Walkthrough

Here are all the Clash of Clans Walkthrough guides for you to check out if you are playing the on the campaign mode. The campaign mode is where you get to battle against other preset villages and the goblins who own them.

As you destroy each village the next ones get harder and takes more strategic thinking on your part. On the harder villages you have to the right army and power to destroy the village or you will lose your entire army and other resources.

Clash of Clans Walkthrough

When you win each battle you will receive free gems and elixir rewards. These are collected by raiding the town halls and other storage buildings. In total there are 150 stars and my different achievements to complete.

Below we have a shot description of each Clash Of Clans walkthrough for you to read. Click on the specific link to go that full walkthrough to see how to defeat the different villages. We have started with the easiest battle and ended with the hardest. Good luck my Clash Of Clans players.

Payback Walkthrough

The Payback mission is part of the tutorial so the game pretty much walks you through this battle. For this first battle all you need to do is send in 2 Barbarians to finish the job or you can use the 5 Wizards that the game gives you. Either one will work fine, just place the army next to the cannon. When you destroy this village you will get 500 gold and 500 Elixir.

Clash of clans payback walkthrough

Goblin Forest Walkthrough

The Goblin Forest map is also part of the tutorial in the beginning of the game. This is the second village in which you can attack. To be successful at destroying this village, drop 5 barbarians at the Archer Tower to take it out first. The rest of the map is easy then, all you have to do is collect your different resources.

clash of clans goblin forest walkthrough

Goblin Outpost Walkthrough

This is the first real mission that is not part of the tutorial in the beginning so that means the village is a little harder to destroy than the other villages. There are two entry ways to this village; however, you want to deploy your Barbarians through the main door. This will give them more room to move around which will enable them to destroy the two cannons. When you destroy this village you will get another 500 gold coins and 500 Elixir.

clash of clans goblin outpost walkthrough

Rocky Fort Walkthrough

On the Focky Fort village mission there is only one door you can walk through so you need to have the right army or all your men will die in battle. The trick is to drop 7 giants into the opening where the two cannons are so they can destroy them quickly. Because this mission is much harder the reward is bigger as well. If you succeed at destroying this village you will get 1000 gold coins and 1000 Elixer.

Goblin Gauntlet Walkthrough

Again, there is only one entrance to get into the Goblin Gauntlet and there are two powerful cannons that you need to destroy. The easiest way to do this is to have a tier 2 Wall Breaker two giants and your tier 1 Barbarians.

The first thing you want to do is to destroy a piece of the wall in the top right corner of the village so your Barbarians can run in and destroy the buildings. Next, drop a giant at each one of the cannons to destroy them. Now send a bunch of barbarians through the broken wall and you should be able to take over the village. The reward for destroying this village successfully is 1000 Gold and 1000 Elixir.

clash of clans goblin gauntlet walkthrough

Cannonball Run Walkthrough

In the Cannonball Run mission the entire village has walls around it without any entrance way. That being said you have to first use a Wall Breaker to break through an opening. The best place to break down the wall is on the north end of the village between the two cannons. Next, send in three to five giants to destroy all three cannons.

When the giants are attacking the third cannon go ahead and send in a bunch of your Barbarians to finish destroying the buildings and to collect the resources. The reward for this win is 1000 gold coins and 1000 Elixir.

clash of clans cannonball run walkthrough

Two Smoking Barrels

There are two entrances on the Two Smoking Barrels so you don’t need the Wall Breaker in this battle. Instead drop  2 to 3 giants on each cannon to destroy them quickly. If you need to you can always deploy more troops to help out.

clash of clans two smoking barrels walkthrough


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