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Clash of Clans Upgrade Guide – What to Upgrade First

Hey everyone! I have been getting questions from you talking about guides for different weapon, building, trap and troop upgrades and which ones you should be upgrading first.

For that reason, I have put together a guide for you on what to upgrade first! You can find the video directly below and the written guide below that!

Defense Weapons to Upgrade First

You need to upgrade your splash damage weapons first. By this I mean weapons that do damage to multiple troops at one time. These weapons include your mortars and your wizard towers.
Why upgrade these first? Because they can single handily win you a defense against an attacker. Like I mentioned above, they can destroy multiple enemy troops at once making them an awesome defensive weapon.

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Next upgrading your defense weapons that can attack both air and ground troops is a good idea. These weapons would be your archer towers and your teslas. The wizard towers are also part of this but we have already upgraded them because they are a splash damage weapon as well!

Now it’s time to upgrade the rest of your weapons which would include your cannons and your air defense units. These are obviously important still but not as important as the other weapons!

Buildings to Upgrade First

Clan Castle is a great place to start because it gives you more troops for defending and attacking different opponents. This gives you an advantage towards players that do not have clan castles yet if you are a lower level player. However, before your Clan Castle, upgrading base camps is a good idea for the same reason. The higher level your base camp is upgraded to, the more troops they can hold! The more troops you have going into battle means the better chance you have of winning the battle.

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Your barracks would be my next choice obviously because upgrading barracks gives you access to a wider range of troops. It is always good to have different troops depending on your attack strategy. Different troops have different strengths and you are going to need different strengths to win the tougher battles. Upgrading your gold and elixir storage and collectors as well as any other buildings you have left would be next! If you are having trouble getting enough gold and elixir to upgrade your buildings though, then you are going to need to upgrade your collectors and storage units before the other buildings!

Troops or Units to Upgrade First

Upgrading different troops makes them more powerful and gives them more hit points making them harder to kill by your opponents! Which troops to upgrade first can drastically change depending on your attack strategy. For instance, if you never use goblins when attacking, then there is no point in upgrading them!

Even with that said, there are specific troops that you should be using most all of the time. I believe all attack strategies, especially if you are a lower level player, should involve both giants and archers. These would be the first troops that I would upgrade.

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After these troops are upgraded, I would then upgrade your wizards. These are the most important troops in the game if you ask me. Next I would start to upgrade troops such as your barbarians, goblins and wall breakers. However, like I said before, if you never use a specific troop, then there is no use in upgrading that troop!

Traps to Upgrade First

Start big and go down from there! What I mean here is start upgrading the traps that do the most damage first and then make your way to the traps that give less damage. So what traps do the most damage? Giant bombs are the first trap you want to upgrade! Then your regular bombs. And then once those are completely upgraded, start to upgrade your air bombs.

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The reasoning behind this is that most players within Clash of Clans use minimal air attack troops such as dragons, balloons, or Minions. Most of the time you will be defending against troops like archers, giants, hogs, and wizards! So that is why we upgrade our ground traps first!

As far as upgrading your troops, buildings, traps, and weapons, I believe this is where you should start! Upgrading is going to be different for each player largely depending on how they play Clash of Clans. Whether you are aggressive or like to sit back and wait for things to happen, your upgrading strategy is going to change. These are just guide lines for how you could start!

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