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Clash of Clans Town Hall Cheats

Your town hall in Clash of Clans is like the center piece to your base. If an enemy attacks your base and destroys your town hall, they automatically beat you in the battle gaining one star for the town hall alone. If you do not want to lose battles, which means losing trophies, then you need to build your base around your town hall!

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If you really do not care about losing trophies then I guess it makes sense to place the town hall where ever you want! However, because the town hall is arguably the most important building on your base, I have put together a little cheats guide for you to follow!

How to Protect Your Town Hall

This is a pretty simple question to answer. When looking to protect or defend your town hall, simply place it in the middle of your base surrounded bu all of your defensive weapons as well as all of your walls. You usually try to protect your base when you are trophy hunting or trying to increase in the ranks! If this is what you are trying to do, then your base should look similar to the one below!

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I like to surround the entire town hall with highly upgraded walls. Then, I like to place defensive weapons all the way around it. This usually means that if an attacker is going to destroy your town hall they will have to destroy your whole base while doing so!

This is the best strategy to defend your town hall. Like I mentioned above, the only reason you would sacrifice such defense for this building is when you are trophy hunting!

What To Do With Your Town Hall When Farming & Trophy Dropping

Obviously if you are trying to drop trophies then you do not want to win any trophies while you are attacking or defending. For this reason, when you are going on a trophy drooping spree, place your town hall on the very edge of your base with no defenses around it.

Town Hall Cheats

This goes the same for when you are farming. Usually farming and trophy dropping go hand in hand. For that reason, as I mentioned above, place your town hall way on the edge and instead, place all of your storage units, Gold & Elixir, where you would originally place your town hall directly in the middle of your base!

You would then want to surround all of your storage unites with walls and defensive weapons as you would when you were trying to protect your base!

How Much is it to Upgrade Your Town Hall

Upgrading your town hall should only be done when all of your buildings have been upgraded to their max within that town hall level. It is also very expensive to upgrade the town hall when you get to the higher levels. However, the higher level you upgrade to, the more buildings you have access to! See the table below for the stats on this thanks to the Clash of Clans Wiki!

Town Hall Upgrades

As you can see, the level 10 town hall costs 4,000,000 gold to upgrade to. But you do get 1099 experience points and the hit points for the town hall would be 5000 which is a lot for a building! Also, upgrading to a level 10 town hall gives you access to all 80 buildings available in Clash of Clans! It may be harder to find opponents that are easy to attack the more you upgrade though! Like I mentioned above, do not upgrade to the next town hall until you have upgraded all of the buildings to their max within that level!

There are no cheats for upgrading the town hall quicker and all of the hacks have already been patched by the game developers!

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