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Clash Of Clans Tips

Use all of our Clash of Clans tips to get the most powerful village and to destroy all your enemies around you.

With our tips no one will want to attack you because your village with have the best defensive walls and towers.

clash of clans

We will also tell you how and who you should attack to get resources and gems for your troops and village.

Clash Of Clans Tips

Below you will find the best Clash Of Clans tips to help you on both the offensive and defensive side of the game. Clash of Clans is a stratgic game where players get to build forts by collecting resources and gems.

To build a village all you do is drag and drop different buildings in specific areas. Over time, you army will expand and get stronger. Once they are ready you can attack other players’ villages to gain more resources.

Save Your Gems

The Clash of Clans currency are the gems and it is important to save them up for the furture. Clash of Clans is a real time game which means you will have to wait for certain building to get built and so forth. The biggest mistake you can make is to spend you gems on features such as speeding up time. Instead of spending gems on speeding up time save these for more important things later down the road such as building your village or upgrading your army.

clash of clans gems

To be successful in this game you must wait paitently. If you find yourself waiting around for certain things you can play other games as well while you wait. Once you ahve enough gems saved up you need to think of your strategy of what you want to do. If you are looking to attack other players’ villages a lot then you may want to spend some money on your army.

However, if you are looking to play more of a defensive game then you may want to spend money on your defensive towers to protect your village. We have found that to get the best outcome you should have a good balance between playing offense and defense.

Offense and Defense Balance

Depending on your offense and defensive strategy your upgrade and building order will be much different. If defense is your primary objective while playing Clash Of Clans your first upgrades should be your town hall, defensive walls and then your defensive structures.

clash of clans offense

The order does not have to be the same as what we are telling you but it should be relatively close. For your defensive structures you should concentrate on the mortar, the archer tower and then the cannon towers. When you are building the mortar and the air defense towers make sure you build them in the middle of your village because these are the most important towers in the game.

When you have your defensive towers up you need to focus your attention on building the resource production towers and fully upgrading them.

By playing this game, we found that it helps if you intentionally leave a few elixir gatherers and mines outside your village walls so other players can farm them without destroying their own resources. It is also a good idea to purposely build your less important buildings such as your town hall outside the walls as well so if your village gets attacked a player will most likely attack the buildings outside the village.

Please note that players with higher level town halls earn less from defeating lower level players’ town halls. That being said, you shouldn’t waste your time upgrading your town hall.

If you main objective is to attack other players more than sit back and play defense then the order to build and upgrade will be a little different. Your first priority should be to build up the town hall and then focus your attention on getting your elixir production up and running so you can start saving resources right away.

Your next move is to get your barracks and camps upgraded so you can start building your army. Neither one of these structures give resources to raiders so you should consider building these outside your walls.

Now put some build and put some upgrades into your walls and cannons to provide some defense for your village. The only thing left for you to build is the laboratory for your troops, spell factory for offensive power and gold mines which help upgrade the structures.

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