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Clash Of Clans Gem Cheat

Everyone has been asking us for the Clash Of Clans Gem cheat so we have created this page to explain to you how to get gems easier by playing this game.

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There are many ways to get gems and some are easier than others. Follow our tips and cheats to get a lot of gems to spend on your village.

Clash Of Clans Gem Cheat

Everyone knows that you can get gems by purchasing them on Clash of Clans; however, there are ways to get free gems by playing the game. You shouldn’t pull out your wallet just yet to get gems, instead follow these cheats and tips that we provide to get some free gems.

Gems are the main currency on the Clash of Clans and in order to be successful with this game you need a lot of gems.

The first way to get free gems is by downloading the game. When you download the game you will get 500 gems, 25o given througout the tutorial. Another way to get free gems is to complete different achievements. As you play you should look in the menu to find the different achievements to complete. Every time you finish an achievement you will get free gems.
Another way to get free gems is to get a lot of trophies. When a player reaches 3200 trophies he or she will get 2000 gems to spend on their village. This is the most anyone can earn from one achievement. When you get your free gems use them wisely.

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Clearing obstacles will also give you free gems. The best part about Clash of Clans is that you can always clear obstacles as you play the game. Not many people know about this cheat; however, if you are reading this then you do. Use this cheat to save up a lot of gems to spend building up your army and defensive walls. When you clear an obstacle you will receive anywhere from 1 to 3 gems.

One final way to earn gems that many people don’t know about is to be in the top ten of the top three clans on the game. Every two weeks the top three clans are rewarded gems. The first clan receives 20,000 gems, the second clan receives 10,000 gems and the third clan receives 6,000 gems.

So far these are all the ways to get free gems. If you know another way to get free Gems on Clash of Clans let us know by leaving a comment below. We will then add your idea to the page to share with out visitors.

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