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Clash of Clans Cannons

The Clash of Clans Cannons are a great for helping out with point defense. The Cannons are the first defensive weapon that a player can build in the start of the game.

clash of clans cannons

This defensive structure is easy cheap and easy to upgrade at the lower levels. You can use the Cannons to kill off any ground troops such as the Barbarians but you can’t take down any of the flying troops like the Dragons.

Of course the higher the upgrade you have on the Clash of Clans Cannons the more damage they will deal to the enemy. It is important to try to upgrade these defensive structures as quick as you can.

Clash Of Clans Cannons

Below are some helpful Defensive and offensive strategies that we have found to work for us. If you use our strategies below you should become successful in playing Clash of Clans.

Cannons Defensive Strategy

What makes the Cannons an ideal weapon is the high rate of fire they have and the range on them. They are very helpful against the Wall Breakers because they have very low health.

The Cannons can also help keep Giants from attacking other defenses. For example, try to keep the Cannons in range of the Mortars and Wizard Towers so when the enemy is attacking those structures the Cannons can continue to deal damage to them.

When placing the cannons make sure to keep them in range of your air defenses as well. Remember, Cannons can’t kill air units so you need to protect your Cannons with your air weapons.

Like we said earlier, try to upgrade the Cannons three or four times right away as they are the one of your most important ground defenses.

Cannons Offensive Strategy

Because Cannons can’t attack air units it makes them a very easy target for Dragons and Balloons. Keep them close to your air defenses to keep them from getting destroyed.

Cannons can only damage one unit at a time so your enemy will try to destroy them by sending in large groups of Archers or Barbarians.

Clash of Clans Cannons Upgrade

Like every other structure in Clash of Clans there are significant changes made to a unit when you upgrade it. Below are all the changes you will notice when you upgrade the Clash of Clans Cannons. You will notice the upgrade levels from 7 to 12 will be the most significant changes made.

  • The original Cannon is built from a wooden platform with four legs on it. A metal barrel is mounted on top of it.
  • When upgraded to level 2, you will notice a wooden stabilizer tied to the four legs with a rope.
  • At level 3 the stabilizer becomes stronger and the base is turned at a 45 degree angle.
  • The level 4 upgrade gives the Cannon two decorative ridges for support going horizontal. The stabilizer is removed and a stronger main support is put in place of it.
  • At level 5, the wooden legs are replaced with metal ones and a metal ring.
  • Level 6 gets straps put on both sides to anchor the Cannon to the ground. The pivot the Cannon sits on is now metal.
  • Level 7 takes the wooden platform away and is replaced with a white stone/ metal platform with brass legs. Minor changes to the barrel as well.
  • At level 8 there are more brass trimmings added to the barrel as well as a pair of brass straps to clamp down the Cannon.
  • When you reach level 9, a third brass strip is added to the barrel and two additional brass straps added to anchor down the Cannon.
  • At level 10 you will see that the entire barrel is now made of brass. The back of the Cannon gets triangular reinforcing plates and the legs are now dark brass.
  • Now at level 11 the Cannon is transformed into black metal and gets black footings.
  • At the final level 12, you get a red ring around the barrel and get red crystals on each corner of the base. This helps with the footing. You also get a red band on the brass strap of the base.

If you have any other questions about the Clash Of Clans Cannons please leave a comment below and we will try to respond as quick as we can.


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