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Clash of Clans Strategy Guide – Attacking & Defending

When it comes to attacking and defending other players in Clash of Clans, strategy is the biggest factor! Having a great strategy guide to base your every move off of is a great way to have an advantage over other players in the game! For that reason, I have put this page together which i want to be everyone’s Clash of Clans Strategy Guide. I know that the way I play the game may not be the same as everyone else. So for that reason, if you have something to add, please leave a comment below! For now though, check out the different strategy points below!

Attacking Strategy – Clash of Clans

There are a ton of factors that come into play when attacking another player within the game. The biggest factor is how far along your troops are as far as rank and level go. For the purposes of trying to help all levels, I will base my guide on a very leveled up player. That way as the lower level players grow, they can adapt the same strategies!

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

The first thing you want to take into consideration when attacking a base is if they have reserve troops or Clan troops. If they do not, then skip this hint. However, if they do, then you need to lure these troops out and destroy them as quickly as possible so that you do not need to worry about them the rest of the attack. The best way to do this is send a troop into the vicinity of the clan base to get the troops out. Once they are out. Put an archer on the way edge of the map out of the reach of any ground weapon. Now once the clan troops are on the edge of the map, release a bunch of ground troops to destroy them! Archers or mags work the best!

Once you get the Clan troops out of the way, its time to think about how you want to attack. The very best way, if you have them, are to deploy hogs which can jump walls and will destroy all of the weapons first. Having 20 of these or so really gives you the upper hand. Once you deploy them, using healing spells along the way are a great strategy!

After you have deployed the hogs and they are attacking all of the weapons, deploy ground troops such as mags or archers to start destroying all of the surrounding buildings! That should really take care of the whole base! See the video below to see all of this in action! This is a great example of what I just tried to explain.

Defense Strategy -Clash of Clans

Defense in Clash of Clans is key and having a great defensive strategy may be one of the most important things in the game. This can be really hard do to the level of the players that are attacking you. Some will be much more powerful than others and your defensive strategy may never work on them. However, I believe I have found a way to place your village that will minimize your losses when being attacked! See below for what this looks like!

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As you can see, most of my collectors and useless buildings that do not hold anything are placed around the outside of my village. As you get to the middle of my village, you will see more weapons and my base which is in the middle! The key here is to split everything up with as many walls as possible. This slows enemies down as they have to break the walls to get to the next weapon or building giving you more time to destroy them! See the video below for my defensive in action!

Obviously some other things to note are to always have your clan castle full and to place your bombs in great places!

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