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Best Clash Of Clans Defense

A lot of Clash of Clans players fight to be on top of the leaderboards but you can’t get their unless you have the best Clash of Clans defense. We are going to show you a few layouts and what you should have on your base to have the best defense in the game.

Hopefully with our help you will be able to have the best Clash of Clans defense and will be able to get on top of the leaderboards with a little luck.

Clash of Clans best defense

Having a great defense is a major part of the game and that is why we have created this page. The higher the level you are in Clash of Clans the better the defense you need to keep anyone from defeating your base.

The new Clash of Clans update made the Wall Breaker even better than what they were before. They now target walls that enclose buildings and now ignore free standing walls. To fight off the new Wall Breakers try to channel them into gaps where you have traps hidden to kill them.

This method is becoming more popular among players like yourselves. This can work on other creatures as well such as the giants and other troops. So how should you lay out your walls to get the best Clash of Clans defense?

Best Wall Layouts for Defense

Of course, in the beginning of the game your only going to be able to use the single walls. Make sure you max out all the walls you can to keep enemies away.

  • Double walls are used later in the game and are usually separated by at least one tile for a gap. This will help you keep archers away from shooting in to your base.
  • Some people like to use the Multi-layered wall defense which consists of the entire wall around the base backed up by two ore more walls. Wall Breakers can break through triple wall layers so we recommend not using this method.
  • An inner and outer wall is another method a lot of people use. This consists of you building a wall in the middle of your base and building another wall on the outside of your base.
  • The Egg-shell defense is another multi-layered wall that is usually 3 or more walls thick in the center of your map with most of your buildings on the outside of the wall. Keep some resources and your Town Hall inside the wall if possible.

So this gives you some strategic plays on how to build your walls for the best Clash of Clans Defense. Try a couple different ones to find out what works best for you at the time.

What To Keep Inside Your Walls

To keep a good defense you need to have certain buildings inside your walls. Below is a list of what to keep inside the walls and the reasoning behind it.

  • Keep your Splash Damage Defenses inside the walls so you can keep killing your enemy when they are attacking your base.
  • Put your Air Defenses inside the walls  so they can’t easily be destroyed. You need your Air Defenses to kill of air units so you want to keep them protected.
  • Put your Dark Elixir Drills inside your walls to keep raiders from taking 75% of your Dark Elixir.
  • Putting your Clan Castle inside the walls can benefit you because troops in your Clan Castle can defend off different areas of the base.
  • Keep your Town Hall in the walls unless you are a farmer. The Town Hall is the center piece of your base. Don’t let anyone destroy it.

So those are the most important buildings and items to keep inside your walls to help be the best Clash of Clans defense.

If you guys know some more stratigies to have the best Clash of Clans defense then please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. We would love to add them to this page to make other players better.

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