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Attacking in Clan Wars – Winning Strategy

Attacking in Clan Wars on Clash of Clans and winning is very important for a few reasons. First, it gives your teams stars which count towards the end star count which you all know, the team with the most stars wins!

Second, if you win a battle in Clan Wars, you win a ton of loot depending on how tough your opponent was.

Clash of Clans Central Clan Wars

When you fail to win an attack you are letting down your team and giving yourself a bad name in your Clan! No one likes that do they?

For that reason I want to give you some hints and tips on how to attack in Clan Wars and how to win when doing so! You may not believe it, but it is a bit different than attacking in normal battle for most people.

How to Attack in Clan Wars

Attacking in Clan Wars is pretty simple. You go into the Clan War section, look at the enemies home base (where you can see all of the smaller bases), scout for the enemy that you want to attack, and then when you are ready, click the attack button! If that enemy had already been attacked, a message will pop up saying just that. If there are Stars to be had still, its your call if you still want to attack that base or not!

Clash of Clans Clan Wars Attack

What Troops to use When Attacking in Clan Wars

The troops that you use when attacking are just as important as the strategy you use. You want to make sure that you have plenty of Hog Riders. I usually bring around 20 or so to battle. The Hog Riders will attack weapons first and can jump over walls to do so. If you do not have dark elixir unlocked yet, then you will need to use giants in their place with wall breakers!

To go with your hog riders, you will want a few giants that you can use to take some hit damage. I usually bring 3 or 4. The next set of troops I being are wizards. Wizards have great attack damage and can cause a ton of destruction quickly. I like to have at least 10 wizards with me. The rest of my troops are usually archers. I like archers because they can stand back a bit when shooting at buildings usually being untouched by ground weapons. They are my last line of attack usually.

What Attack Strategy To Use in Clan Wars

This is just as important as the troops you bring into battle. They kind of go hand in hand. The first thing you need to do in a Clan War Attack is to get all of the Clan Castle troops out of the enemies Clan Castle. If the Clan Castle is close to a wall, deploy a few archers to get every troop out. Then place an archer on the way outside of the map moving all of these enemies out there. Once they are there, deploy some more archers and some wizards to destroy them! Once they are destroyed, you must look out for the Hero’s. If you can draw them out and destroy them do so. If not, then proceed by attacking away from them.

The next thing you want to do is deploy all of your hog riders at once in the same spot. You want them to stick together through the attack. It is much easier for the enemy to kill them if you do not. As they are attacking use three health spells to keep them alive while they destroy all of the weapons.

Now you want to deploy the rest of your troops to start destroying the rest of the buildings. Make sure you deploy them where the weapons have already been deployed. Your giants should be deployed on the side that your hog riders are going to take some of the heat off of them!

I know there is a lot of stuff here but to it it all together I have created a video of two of my attacks in the same war. I 3 starred both enemies although they were not terribly powerful! Check it out (you can find it above) and let me know how your next attack goes!


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