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How To Attack In Clash of Clans

On Clash of Clans it is really easy to attack other players. But that is not the problem if you ask me. The hard part is knowing who to attack and how to attack them. Either way, I will explain both and walk you through exactly what to do in order to attack. The attacking strategy that I give you is just that, a strategy which you can choose to follow or not!

How to attack – Clash of Clans

To attack in Clash of Clans, all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps!
1. Opt into your Clash of Clans game via your phone or your tablet.
2. From your Clash of Clans home base, click the huge button in the bottom left hand corner that says “Attack!”.

Clash of Clans Attack  (2)
3. Choose if you want to attack a player or if you want to attack goblins. Goblin cities that you can attack are found on the right hand side of your screen. Players that you can attack are on the left hand side of your screen. To attack a player, click on the “Find a Match” button.

Clash of Clans Attack  (1)

4. Once you have found the base that you think you can easily attack, go ahead and start attacking by clicking on the troops you want to deploy and placing them on your opponents home base map! This is where strategy comes into play!

Check out the video below for an exact step through of how to attack!

Attacking Strategy – Clash of Clans

There are plenty of different ways you can attack other players within Clash of Clans. I have a pretty streamline way of doing which I think is perfect! Basically you draw all of the opponents weapons to one side of the map and attack with smaller ground troops from the other. You can see a very good example of this in the video above.

My attack strategy

First deploy your hogs (If you have them) to start attacking all of the weapons your opponent has. While they are attacking, use healing spells to keep them alive for a longer period of time! While every thing is focused on them, deploy some giants and wall blasters to help your hogs out a bit. The faster you can destroy all of the weapons, the better chance the rest of your troops have to demolish the village! Once you have deployed your hogs and your giants, deploy archers and wizards around the outside of the base to start destroying all other buildings in the village. For the most part, this strategy works as long as you are not attacking someone that is completely out of your league. Read more about this attack strategy!

Now, if you do not have hogs yet, replace them with more giants and wall blasters. Giants will attack weapons first just like hogs. The only disadvantage that they have is they cannot jump walls without the wall jumping spell! So when using giants, first place 2 or 3 in one spot to take the weapons attention. Then use your wall blasters in another spot and deploy the rest of your giants! I will get a video up soon to show you what I mean here!

So what do you guys think? Did this help you attack your opponents and get lots of loot?! If not, how can I improve?

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